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Top 5 Videos of the Week: Metal X by Markforged; 360° experience of a brain aneurysm

On January 8, 2017 by Alexander H released

Metal X by Markforged;  360° experience of a brain aneurysm

The new year has begun and traditionally at the beginning of the year things are really happening in Las Vegas at the electronics trade fair CES. We have put together the best videos of the week from the world of 3D printing for you. A beautiful Sunday!


5th place – 3D printed drones in use for the US Army

The two technologies of drones and 3D printing complement each other perfectly and go well together. The number of drones commercialized via 3D printing has increased rapidly in recent months. The US Army also wants to benefit from this combination of the two technologies and is testing the first 3D printed drones in action.

4th place – Youbionic bionic prosthesis

The bionic prosthesis by Italian engineers from Youbionic was the topic of our blog this week. This unique electro-mechanical hand has an extremely successful design and was not only conceived for handicapped people. Because older people who have lost their ability to grip are also among the customers.

3rd place – 360° experience of a brain aneurysm

The title sounds a bit harsh, but you shouldn’t take it literally. Instead, you can immerse yourself in the StoryLiving 360° experience and become a virtual member of this revolutionary treatment series. From consultation to brain scan and treatment. Be there!

2nd place – 3D printing workshop for children

In the USA, parents can send their children to a 3D printing workshop at the weekend – fun guaranteed. In groups of 10, a coach will present software and hardware, and then the kids can freely model their own creations and then print them.

1st place – Markforged presents the Metal X

Hold on tight and sit down! Industry dino Markforged presented the first metal 3D printer for the home at CES in Las Vegas. The world’s first desktop 3D printer that can print metal is called Metal X and is based on Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) technology. Here, metal enriched with plastic is melted, with the plastic then dissolving. Unfortunately, there is no information about the price yet.

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