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Top 5: ScanTech presents its new SIMSCAN 3D scanner

SIMSCAN 3D scanner

A lot has happened again this week in the world of 3D printing. So z. For example, the well-known company ScanTech presented its new masterpiece, the SIMSCAN 3D scanner, in an online event. SPEE3D was also able to make an interesting announcement: the company will launch a free simulator called SPEE3DCraft in mid-April. In addition, ExOne will present its sustainable sand 3D printing with an inorganic binder in a video and AMPro 3D will provide information on the German 3D Printing Challenge. Last but not least… Have fun watching!


Top 1: The revolutionary SIMSCAN 3D scanner

ScanTech presented its latest technological research result this week as part of a global online event: the SIMSCAN 3D scanner. The company, which specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of intelligent visual inspection devices, offers SIMSCAN, the only hand-sized 3D scanner on the market to date. Its revolutionary features include its ability to perform high-quality 3D scans regardless of the work environment and the fact that every detail can be captured thanks to the first-class measurement system. In addition, the SIMSCAN, which weighs only 570 grams, captures the 3D models in a very short time. It’s best to get an impression of this impressive product for yourself:

Top 2: IAAC shows a construction project

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is a center for research, education, production and outreach in Barcelona. With this video clip, the Institute would like to draw attention to the scholarships for the Postgraduate in 3D Printing for Architecture, which is an intensive six-month program. IAAC not only combines additive manufacturing with sustainable architecture, but also uses this advanced technology for construction, materials research and design. In the video you can see how quickly a construction project can be implemented.

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Top 3: ExOne presents sustainable 3D printing with inorganic binder

In the next video, several employees and managers from ExOne, a global manufacturer of 3D printing machines, 3D printed products and materials, talk about their sustainable production methods with inorganic binders. This sand 3D printing offers new opportunities to produce cores in a sustainable, user-friendly and cost-efficient manner. The process is emission-free and can be used primarily for parts used in the automotive industry. In addition, sand 3D printing with an inorganic binder enables many automation options, with some production steps having already been standardized. You can find more information on this innovative topic in the video:

Top 4: The German 3D Printing Challenge 2021

AMPrO 3D is a German 3D printing consultant that supports small and medium-sized companies and public schools with the integration of additive manufacturing. Managing Director Andreas WeiƟ was able to make a name for himself through his videos, and in the video below he reports on the German 3D Printing Challenge 2021. In theory, anyone who has a good idea about a 3D printed product that can save or make money can enter this competition. Andreas explains everything else to you:

Top 5: SPEE3D creates free SPEE3DCraft simulator

The company SPEE3D, which enables the world’s cheapest manufacturing process for metal additives, announced this week that on April 16th it will be launching a free, groundbreaking metal 3D printing simulator called SPEE3DCraft. The simulator aims to provide craftsmen and 3D printing enthusiasts with an intuitive virtual experience of real metal 3D printing methods. The aim was to make this simulator as authentic, immersive and challenging as possible. The following teaser gives you a first insight into the SPEE3DCraft simulator:

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