Thingiverse launches its summer competition and wins you a 3D printer!

Want to spice up your summer with a fun and creative activity? Tired of building the same sandcastles over and over again? The design competition organized by the Thingiverse site is made for you!

Thingiverse thus invites all those who wish to imagine an object on a given theme, and to submit it to the public vote with the key the possibility of remoting a 3D printer from the MakerBot manufacturer or spools of filament, but also to see its creation broadcast. with the entire Thingiverse community.

Intended for all audiences, the competition targets both beginners in 3D drawing and the most seasoned designers. To win, it will above all be necessary to demonstrate creativity and ingenuity! And for the occasion, the site has imagined three different challenges:

  • For engineers: the theme is “Catch the wind”. The competition jury will reward designs that “harness the power of the wind”. From the traditional mill, via the wind turbine or innovative kites, it’s up to you to let your imagination run wild. Register on the contest site and don’t forget to mention #catchthewind when posting. This competition ends on August 2!
  • For aspiring architects, the theme is “Look at the world”. This time, participants are invited to reproduce in 3D a monument that they will visit this summer or that they have always dreamed of visiting. A temple, a statue, .. the Eiffel Tower, what would you want? For this competition you will have to submit your 3D file before August 9th. After signing up, don’t forget to use the hashtag #seetheworld when posting.
  • The first creations proposed for the competition

    The first creations proposed for the “See the world” competition

  • For beach game enthusiasts: “Build a castle”. The idea this time is to build an object that can serve as a sand mold, by combining geometric shapes. It’s time to revolutionize the traditional bucket which always makes the same pâtés, and to build a mold to reproduce the desired shape once inverted. You have until August 16 to send your 3D file. Don’t forget to mention #buildacastle when posting.
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    Here is a summary of the process to follow to participate:

  • Be resourceful by using tools like 3D Slash, Sketchup, Blender, …, to create your objects (which must fit on a 5th generation MakerBot or Replicator 2 print bed),
  • Submit your item on the Thingiverse website
  • Mention the tag corresponding to the competition when submitting,
  • A week later, log onto the MakerBot Blog to view the results.
  • And you, what sandcastle are you going to invent?

    And you, what sandcastle are you going to invent?

    Note, among the selection criteria of the Thingiverse jury, “creativity”, “printability”, and “relevance to the subject of the competition” will be evaluated. 3Dnatives advises you to fill in the “description” box and add photos when submitting, this is the opportunity to talk about your creation and explain why it is great. Join the movement, and above all good luck to all!

    More information on the Thingiverse website HERE

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