The FabShop comes under the dome of the BHV store

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Alex M.

The BHV, located in the Marais district of Paris, is perhaps one of the most famous department stores in the capital. It is this place that has chosen The FabShop, official reseller of MakerBot in France, to put down your bags from April 3 to May 9 for a workshop session around Do It Yourself, modeling and 3D printing.

article_bhv2From innovation to the diversion of everyday pieces, the trend is towards intelligent creation and sustainability. It is to apply this principle that BHV MARAIS is transformed into a large factory to create, inspire, repair oneself and breathe new life into objects in collaboration with the Breton startup.

To participate in this adventure, various paid educational workshops will be offered by the Fabshop teams throughout the month of April and early May:

  • 3D print with SketchUp (architecture and engineering)
  • Repair your objects with the MakerBot 3D printer
  • Jewelry and accessories workshop
  • From sculpture to virtual object, with MakerBot and Autodesk MeshMixer
  • 3D scan workshop
  • Culinary experimentation workshop
  • Domus workshop. “There’s a MakerBot in my Kitchen”
  • Model and manufacture a lampshade in 3D on MakerBot
  • Autodesk 123D for MakerBot 3D printing
  • The workshops will be limited to 10 people and open to over 12s (apart from the Domus workshop which will be reserved for over 19s only). They will take place at the BHV observatory on the 5th floor of the store for a price set at € 80 (excluding booking fees of € 5.55). To register or for more information, visit the FabShop website HERE.

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    Photo The FabShop

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