Repair and optimize your 3D files with the 3DPrintCloud platform

Posted on July 21, 2015 by Alex M.

The Belgian group Materialize, which specializes in on-demand 3D printing and additive manufacturing services, is today launching 3DPrintCloud, an online application offering to repair and optimize 3D models before printing.

The 3DPrintCloud platform targets designers, engineers, SMEs, makers and more generally anyone looking to speed up the preparation of their 3D files in order to ensure their print quality. The online tool thus offers several options such as the analysis and verification of any design errors, model repair but also the conversion to STL format of the 3D file.

3DPrintCloud makes it easy to repair a file before sending it for printing

3DPrintCloud makes it easy to repair a file before sending it for printing

“When Materialize bought its first 3D printer in 1990, we were quickly faced with the problem of creating a file that could print successfully and we immediately worked on how to make this process simpler,” explains Stefaan Motte, Director of 3D Printing Software division at Materialize. “Over the past 25 years, our lines of code have grown into a comprehensive suite of software solutions.”


“With Materialize’s 3DPrintCloud, we’re now helping an even larger audience bridge the gap between their ideas and the 3D printers that bring them to life. With our software solution, our goal is to help people worry less about whether or not their design will get printed and giving them more time to design the things that really matter ”concludes Stefaan Motte.

For the occasion, Materialize has partnered with the SketchUp creation software and the Ideas Worth making site to offer their users the possibility of directly uploading their 3D files into the 3DPrintCloud application.

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A demo version is available for 30 days while a subscription of 15 € / month will be necessary to access the service, with a number of monthly repairs limited to 100 3D models.


More information on the 3DPrintCloud website HERE

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