RECAP: 2021 Vectorworks Design Summit

Design Summit 2021 has come and gone. The three-day virtual event was our most-attended Design Summit to date! It was certainly an event to remember.

Let’s summarize!

Design Summit 2021 Keynote Presentations

Day one showcased three keynote presentations from Vectorworks leadership as well as a live Q&A. All this content is available to rewatch on the event site.

Dr. Biplab Sarkar, Chief Executive Officer

CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar gave a keynote titled “Design without Limits”  — he talked about how Vectorworks both as a software and as an organization encourage your creative ideas without software limitations.

“At Vectorworks, we aim to alleviate constraints to your creativity,” Sarkar said. “We believe your tools should never limit you or your creativity. You should be free from restrictive software that doesn’t understand what you want to create.”

Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar

Rubina Siddiqui, Product Marketing Director

Siddiqui, herself an architect, presented on building information modeling (BIM) and its essential position to Vectorworks and its industries.

“We at Vectorworks understand that BIM is the key to designers’ success both now and in the future,” Siddiqui said.

A more informed design process comes with huge benefits. We won’t get into them here; you can hear more in the presentation! ?

Steve Johnson, Chief Technology Officer

Johnson presented on the future of Vectorworks development and highlighted many Vectorworks 2022 features that pave the road for technology advancements in the future.

“Design Summit is a concrete example of our fundamental commitment to you and your success,” Johnson said. “To serve you and your designs in a more impactful way, Vectorworks is laser-focused on innovative developments in quality and performance.”

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Q&A panel at Design Summit 2021

Design Summit 2021 Training Sessions

Day two of Design Summit was all about training!

There were a variety of sessions hosted by Vectorworks staff as well as guest presentations from esteemed partners.

All training content is available on demand so you can experience it all again, or for the first time if you didn’t have the chance to join us live! 

P.S. — remember that this is free training. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Design Summit 2021 Guest Presentations

Throughout the event there were also many guest presentations from Vectorworks users around the world. A huge thank you those who presented!

All the guest presentations are available to watch on demand. Here’s a list:

  • The Benefits of a Multidisciplinary Approach – Connie Cliff, Daniel Houghton, James Dacre, and Hazel Clarke of FPCR.
  • Get More Productive — Design Your Office Standards – Chad Hamilton of Hamilton + Aitken Architects.
  • Entertainment Technologies in Architecture & Experiences – Scott Hendrickson of Eos Lightmedia.
  • Sharing Is Caring: BIM in the Entertainment Sector – Jared “Jazz” Hutsby of StageportKC.
  • Commercial Interior Architecture by The M Group – Mike Timcheck, Sara Kapan, and Brendan Bergin of The M Group.
  • The Hutt 01 Passivhaus: a Pre-Fab CLT Home Created on Vectorworks – Marc Bernstein-Hussman of Melbourne Design Studio.
  • Real-Time Rendering and Virtual Reality in Vectorworks – Dan Monaghan and Jeff Melzer of Enscape.
  • Design and Specify in Parallel with NBS Chorus and Vectorworks – Julian Balcombe of NBS.
  • Vectorworks & Siemens: A Collaboration for the Best Geometric Modeling Technology – Ken Woytowich and Jon Rimmer of Siemens.
  • From Vectorworks to Twinmotion in 1 Click – Martin Krasemann of Epic Games – Twinmotion.
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    You can access the content by entering your email address through the button below. For those who’ve already registered for the event, all the on-demand content will be emailed to you.


    Design Summit 2021 Open House

    We brought back the Open House by popular demand!

    Day three of Design Summit featured Open House Zoom rooms on a variety of topics. The rooms were free for registrants to enter and chat with Vectorworks staff, industry experts, and technology partners/exhibitors from the Vectorworks Partner Network.

    The room topics were:

  • Architecture & BIM.
  • Landscapes, BIM, & GIS.
  • Entertainment
  • Cloud & mobile.
  • 3D modeling.
  • Rendering.
  • Vectorworks University & certifications.
  • Roadmap.
  • Plus, rooms dedicated to partner products:

  • Enscape.
  • Solibri.
  • MA Lighting.
  • Interiorcad.
  • Maxon.
  • Siemens.
  • Twinmotion.
  • Lumion.
  • This was live content, so there’s nothing to go back and watch — do keep in mind, though, that Open Houses are one of our favorite ways to have conversations with the Vectorworks community! You can certainly expect more events like this in the future.

    Our other favorite way to gather feedback is on the public development roadmap, where you can share your thoughts about development tasks we’re working on.


    A Comment on Virtual Events

    This was our sixth Design Summit and the second time we’ve hosted it virtually.

    Though past Design Summits extended a global invitation, a majority of those who attended the in-person events came from the United States. Around 50% of all registrants for this virtual Design Summit were located outside of the US.

    This speaks to the practicality of virtual and hybrid events — an online component removes transportation and lodging barriers and is overall more convenient for a lot of the Vectorworks community.

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    And, critically, a virtual platform is a great forum for the Vectorworks community to engage directly with developers and decision makers at Vectorworks. 

    Last Chance to Get Vectorworks Swag

    We also opened a webpage with Vectorworks merchandise available for purchase.

    The swag store is the place to go to represent your favorite design software! From clothing to branded accessories like stickers and notebooks, there’s sure to be something for you.

    Swag is only available while supplies last — check the page and see if anything appeals to you!


    As the new year approaches, make sure to follow @Vectorworks on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay in the loop of upcoming events!

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