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PlantCatalog from e-on software, the ideal tool to simulate plants in 3D

PlantCatalog, you will understand, it is the new library of procedural 3D plants from the e-on software editor! ?

It’s about a library subscription-only procedural 3D vegetation models for use in your visual effects, architectural visualization and real-time applications. The library comes with PlantCatalog Exporter, a stand-alone tool for customizing plants and exporting geometry in standard 3D file formats, as well as import plugins for 3ds Max and Maya.

Understand 60 species from all over the world, with more to be added quarterly. In the initial release, PlantCatalog consists of 60 plant species, covering a range of geographic areas and types of growth, including deciduous and coniferous, and grasses and other herbaceous plants.

According to e-on, new species will be added quarterly, and search filters on the PlantFactory product page suggest the company plans to introduce new types of assets, including fungi and fantastic vegetation.

The majority of species are available with two poly numbers suitable for offline work – in e-on terminology, HD and LD resolution – and a smaller number with a lower poly number suitable for use in real-time engines. .

In addition to individual parameters governing the shape of the plant, users can adjust global controls like plant age, health, and seasonality, or set mesh resolution and wind intensity in animations. . Supported export formats include OBJ, FBX, Alembic, 3DS, C4D, and LWO, and there are export presets suitable for a range of host applications, including common DCC tools and Unity game engines. and UE4.

This allows PlantCatalog plants to be imported directly into 3ds Max and Maya, with the plugin automatically converting materials, both to the host application’s native format and to V-Ray Next materials.

To find out more, visit the e-on site!

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