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Innovation award Printstars 2014 for 3D ACTIVATION


Innovation Award - Printstars 2014

3D Activation is awarded

the Printstars 2014 proved to be an impressive success for 3D Activation. In front of more than 450 spectators on the evening of September 18, 2014 in the Stuttgart Liederhalle the presentation of the innovation prize of the German printing industry, the Printstars 2014. On this occasion, 3D Activation was able to take home the silver prize in the category “3D printed products”, which was awarded for the first time. The 3D printing service provider from Wiesbaden and Thun/CH was able to convince the Printstars jury with a 3D printed skirt that 3D Activation had created on behalf of the fashion label Marc Cain (from Bodelshausen, near Tübingen), which also received an award.

3D printed rock created using selective laser sintering

Marc Cain had the consisting of 1320 partly movable elements 3D printed skirt commissioned from 3D Activation to then, after the 3D printing process, assemble it from 12 individual parts. The (nylon-like) PA2200 (polyamide) used as the 3D printing material, which is a fine powder in its raw state, could be printed with the help of the so-called SLS 3D printing process, also known as selective laser sintering, in such a way that the design of the 3D printed skirt is reminiscent of a conventionally produced collection model, the moving elements of which even look like individual knitted stitches. The production of the 3D rock took around 3 months, with the actual 3D printing process taking just around 27 hours. (Hyperlink to Marc Cain Rock)

Fabian Strohschein, Managing Director of 3D Activation, clearly sees a boom in fashion 3D printing. “There is a huge need to implement fashion and design projects with the help of 3D printing,” says Strohschein. In addition to the special elasticity of 3D-printed materials, Strohschein sees this boom not least as a desire individuality justified. “The 3D printing process meets the consumer’s desire for individual production,” says Strohschein.

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Printstars has been a permanent institution since 2003

The award of the Printstars as the innovation prize of the German printing industry was launched in 2003. Since then, the best print products from various categories (from books to labels) have been awarded once a year by 20 jurors from the German media and printing industry. 2014 were hereby 3D printed products for the first time also taken into account in the specially created category “3D printed products”. Overall, Printstars 2014 presented awards in 27 categories, including 9 special awards, as well as the award for Entrepreneur Personality of the Year. With 449 submissions from over 900 participants (e.g. printers, photo studios, publishers, etc.), participation in 2014 was higher than ever before.

3D printed products awarded for the first time

The new category “3D printed products” in particular caused a stir at Printstars 2014. The 3D printed skirt by 3D Activation and Marc Cain, presented on a typical mannequin, was certainly one of the highlights of the evening. 3D Activation can now join the award-winning pioneers in the field of 3D printing innovations, thanks to the tireless work of Fabian Strohschein and his employees.

You can read a detailed report on the Printstars 2014 competition and award ceremony in an article in the specialist magazine Deutscher Drucker.

Incidentally, from 2015 the Printstars will be part of the Print & Media Awards awarded, for this year on November 5, 2015, in the Grand Hyatt in Berlin.

If you are thinking of realizing similar 3D printing projects as Marc Cain, the 3D printing specialist team at 3D Activation is always happy to support you. Just have a look at our website, find and find more 3D printing services.

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