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Once you watch this video of Shaun Bryant’s “Take AutoCAD on the Road and Go Mobile” session at Autodesk University Las Vegas 2018, you’ll be ready to get out from behind the desk and see what it’s like to use AutoCAD mobile app and web app outside the office. (But do you really need an excuse for that?!)

AutoCAD mobile app AU video

“This course will show you how to set up your desktop installation of AutoCAD to work with the cloud-based web and mobile folders,” Bryant says. “You’ll also learn how to view and edit designs on the fly and in the field from a tablet or smartphone, using both AutoCAD mobile and AutoCAD web. You will learn how to access the tools from any mobile browser, sync your files across devices, upload files on the go, and edit drawings from a mobile browser—or sync them back to the desktop for closer inspection.”

Get going! Watch the video here and learn more about the AutoCAD mobile app and AutoCAD web app.

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