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The first job site dedicated to CAD in Canada
Mailing Address :

5600 Kieran
Monréal, Qc - H4S 2B5

Contact: Carine Sighomnou
Phone: 514-337-6990 ext 156 Num. of Employees : 50 - 150
Fax: 514-335-0801 Type of Company : La société par actions (Corporation)
Website: http://www.njmpackaging.com Business / Industry : Industrial Machinery

About NJM Packaging

NJM Packaging is the proven trusted packaging systems manufacturer, integrator and support resource. For 100 years, we’ve been unmatched for the innovation and quality of our packaging machines, solid dose solutions and expertise in labeling. Devoted to exceptional performance and results one customer at a time, we consistently deliver competitive advantage and greater end-product value to our clients. To learn more, visit our website www.njmpackaging.com


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